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Preserving Cozumel's Flats and Lagoons

Cozumel Fishery restoration with Aquarius Fishing

Actively helping restore Cozumel's National Parks

For the past 6 years, Aquarius Fishing, along with the fishermen's union (Cooperativa Lagunas De Cozumel) and the Mexican Federal Government (CONANP), have tirelessly worked to help preserve and conserve Cozumel's incredible fishery. 

It is vital to ensure the flow of tides that brings nutrients to the balance of the ecosystems in these lagoons. Many man hours have been spent cleaning and widening the channels that connect our lagoons system from Rio De La Plata lagoon, passing by Paso Balem lagoon and ending up in Montecristo lagoon.  Ongoing efforts involve removing all dead mangroves that were affected during hurricane Wilma and planting new trees.  In addition, three years ago, a new mouth that connects the sea directly to the lagoons was created to improve the water flow and nutrients to all corners of these lagoons and flats.

Cozumel Fishery restoration with Aquarius Fishing

Government protection

In 2011, our Federal Mexican Government declared the north side of the island a natural area for the preservation and conservation of flora and fauna that exist there. Therefore, only activities related to the tourism is permitted; such as diving, snorkeling, wind surfing, kite boarding, bird watching, Mayan ruins tours and Robinson Crusoe Tours.


In addition, sport fishing the flats is approved, as long as all fish species are carefully released.


Five years ago, Aquarius Fishing, along with fishermen’s union and coordination with the Federal government, started a long term program that involves the restoration, preservation and conservation of all lagoons and flats on the island.  As a result of all the hard work performed, the flats fishing has improved drastically. Currently, we are catching bigger bonefish, larger permit, average size snook and  baby tarpon.

Restoration Project

What makes Cozumel such a Special Fishery

Due to the distance there is in between the Cozumel Island and mainland Mexico, our bonefish and snook populations don’t migrate. These species stay in our lagoons and flats all year round. Therefore, the flats fishing on the island of Cozumel is good all year round. 

Year-round bonefish and snook population

Our bonefish are a little larger than the average size bonefish that you would catch in Ascension Bay, the Cancun Flats and Bahamas.  In addition, Cozumel offers 3 passenger ferry services to and from the island.   Ferry service runs everyday from 6:45AM, until 9:00PM.    This service offers anglers staying in Riviera Maya, Puerto Morelos, Akumal, or Playa Del Carmen, easy access to and from Cozumel's amazing fishery.

Cozumel fly fishing
Cozumel Flats Fishing with Aquarius Fishing
- Bonefish Bitter
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